What’s the best sleeping position for your back?

Does your sleeping position have any effect On your health? On your pain?

A short answer to this question is “yes!” Whether you are lying on a sofa or sleeping on a bed, your posture can have an adverse effect on your health. Lying down in the wrong manner can put pressure on a particular part of your body and cause health problems and leads to neck and back pain. If you are already suffering from muscular and joint pains then you should not put pressure on the body, and avoid sleeping in improper positions.

A good sleep provides us the energy and strength to work for the next day. It gives us the much-wanted rest and vigor. However, sometimes we wake up from our sleep with some mysterious body pains. These pains are usually caused due to improper sleeping positions. So, sleeping in the right manner is extremely important. Other than that, some more reasons that lead to such pains are the mattress and pillows. You should always use a soft mattress and a thin pillow, depending on the way you sleep.

Sleep is the best way to have full body relaxation; however, sleeping in the correct position is extremely essential. If you have a bad posture while sleeping then you are surely going to get up with few muscle and joint pains. Here are the different sleeping positions discussed in detail:

1. The side sleeping position

In this position, the spinal relaxation is interrupted and it leads to lower back pain and mid back pain. Also, it leads to lot of stress on the neck, shoulder, and the entire spine. Using a support pillow between the legs might be helpful but when you sleep in the side position every day, the results would often be severe lower and upper back pain as well as neck pain. The stiffness and the height of the neck pillow also play an important role in reducing thebody pain.sleeping -2

2. The stomach sleeping position

Sleeping on the stomach leads to several problems as the vital organs of our body get compressed. This is the worst sleeping position as it leads to a compromising situation for the body to breathe, repair, and circulate. Moreover, the rotation of the neck and shoulder is compromised in this sleeping position and you may face several rib related problems. As you are placing your neck at an elevated angle, it will lead to misalignment of the spine. Laying flat on your chest can cause problems in breathing.

3. The back sleeping position

This is the best sleeping position as by lying on your back you have aligned your spine and organs properly. Moreover, it also promotes an even distribution of your body weight. This saves you from waking up with aches and pains. To keep this position maintained for the entire night, you can try placing a pillow under your knees.

All in all, if you sleep in an improper position then it will make your neck, shoulder, and back muscles to stretch and tighten up. This will have an adverse effect on your health. Hence, sleep on your back as it is a straight posture that will keep your body in alignment.


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