Is standing workstation really better for you?

Most of us have faced health issues such as back pain, stiff neck, obesity, etc. because of sitting at the same position for longer durations. The chair that we usually use at work leads to several body pains and aches. After a busy day at work, we are so tired that we usually get back home and rest.

We spend very little time in standing or moving our muscles. Exercising is not a daily routine for most of us. This leads to severe health problems like heart diseases, low blood sugar, etc.


In order to reduce health risks, most of the workplaces are now introducing ergonomic standing desks. These desks will enable you to work by standing at a place rather than sitting on the chair. However, you can take short breaks by sitting on the chair but during those breaks it won’t be possible for you to work as the desk will be too high to reach.

Standing for long hours is always better than sitting as it will help you to remain physically fit and mitigate body pains. This is the reason that most workstations have added standing desks that support laptops and desktop computers. We hardly get time to exercise in our busy schedules, so by standing and walking at work we will be exercising our body and staying fit. Also, once you get used to standing desks, your back muscles and various other muscles will get strengthened.

However, getting used to standing workstation would be tough in the beginning. So, here are some tips that you could use for achieving good results while using the standing desks:

Be slowstanding-3

It will be difficult for you to stand continuously for the first few days, especially if you are a couch potato at home. So, start working on the desk for short durations of time. Once you get the knack of it, you will be able to stand for longer periods.

Right technique

The standing desks have height adjustability feature so that you can keep the desk at the position that suits you best. Bending or tilting on the desk while working will lead to several body pains. So, make sure that you have adjusted its position properly so that you stand straight while using the computer or laptop.

Keep moving

Similar to the short breaks that you used to take while sitting on a chair, you need to stretch your body regularly. Move your arms and legs often and do some stretching of back and neck muscles. Stretches will make you feel energetic and keep your muscles flexible. You can even take short breaks and go for a walk; but ensure that your work does not suffer at that time.standing -2

Once you get used to a standing workstation, you are surely going to feel more energetic and healthy. There are several benefits of using a standing desk and 3 of them have been discussed below:

  1. The desks will reduce back pains and stiff necks. The main reason of chronic back pain is prolonged sitting, so this will be reduced considerably by standing while working.
  2. It will have a positive effect on the overall well-being of the individual. You will feel more energetic as you will be free of stress and fatigue.
  3. The main cause of obesity is lack of exercise and sitting at one place for longer time. Both these factors are eliminated with standing desks. So, there will be low risk of weight gain and obesity as you will be burning your calories by standing during work hours.

Overall, standing workstations provide innumerable benefits, so you should consider using one for yourself. But like any other big purchase you make, don’t forget to read reviews and compare products before you get yourself one.


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