Top 7 tips to Avoid Brittle Nails

Are your nails brittle, discoloured, or flaky? Do you crave for long, healthy, and beautiful nails? If the answer to these queries is yes, then read on! In this article we have discussed the top 7 effective home remedies to cure brittle nails. To start with, let’s find out the causes of brittle nails.

An underlying health problem or physical activities that you go through everyday can be the main causes of brittle nails. For treating a health problem, it is necessary that you see your doctor. However, there are several tips that can help you in treating brittle nails that are caused due to physical activities.


These activities include keeping your hands in water for longer duration, exposure to chemicals, injury, etc. Inadequate nutrition and menopause can also be some of the causes. Whatever are the causes, here are the top 7 effective cures for treating your fragile nails:

1. Have a balanced diet

It is extremely important to have nutritious food for our well-being. The nutrients that are important for growing healthy nails are iron, calcium, zinc, proteins, Vitamin B6 and B12. Always include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your body strong and healthy.

2. Wear glovesglove

While doing the household chores like washing and cleaning, always wear gloves. Detergents can be harsh on your hands and nails, so by using gloves you are protecting your nails from getting weak and breaking.

3. Cut your nails regularly

Keeping the nails short and clean is extremely important. Do not grow them too much as they tend to get damaged easily. Long nails will make it difficult for you to do the daily household or office tasks and can easily break off. Moreover, do not cut them very short too as it is advisable to grow them to a considerable size.

4. Don’t bite your nails

Some people have the dirty habit of biting nails every day. However, this habit damages the cuticles and can even lead to a fungal infection.

5. Moisturize them regularly

You should moisturize your nails every day, without fail. Also, use a gentle moisturizer that does not have too many harmful chemicals as they may cause an allergic reaction.

6. Include garlic in your dietgarlic

Garlic has amazing properties to improve the blood flow to the nail bed. Thus, it will enhance the growth of nails. By adding garlic to your diet, it will also help in curing fungal infections on nails.

7. Give them rest

An occasional rest from nail polish will allow your nails to breathe. Too much use of nail polish can lead to nail discoloration. Also, using nail polish remover regularly can make your nails brittle. You should not use nail polish remover more than twice in a month. Once you remove the nail polish, remember to moisturize it with a gentle cream.

These effective and simple tips can prevent your nails from breaking. Remember that beautiful nails exhibit the overall health of your body. So, stay healthy and have beautiful and strong nails.

When your nails are strong, you can start being creative:

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