6 things to notice while sitting at the computer

Sitting in front of the computer for a long hours can lead to severe health issues. Our occupation makes us sit in an upright position for several hours of the day. This leads to severe back, neck, and shoulder pain. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid sitting in front of the computer due to our line of work. However, we can use some methods to minimize the discomfort that it causes to our body.

Here are the most important tips that you should follow while sitting at the computer:

1. Chairwoman with good posture

Select a chair that is comfortable and spacious. An ergonomic chair will provide optimum comfort and avoid any kind of stress or injury. The height of the chair should enable you to use the keyboard easily. Your wrist and forearms are supposed to be at the same level with the desk. The part of arm below the elbow should be in a straight position and the entire arm should form an “L” shape at the elbow point.

2. Seating posture

You should sit straight on the chair by keeping your back as straight as you can. Adjust your chair in accordance to the height of the desk. If the knees are higher than the hips, then you can try using a footrest. Ensure that you maintain the same position for the entire day and avoid slouching.

3. Eyes Computer

The screen of the computer should be at eye level to prevent eye strains. This will also save you from neck and shoulder pains. A high or low screen will lead to awkward positions of your body, thus, making you uncomfortable. This will cause additional stress to your muscles and nerves.

4. Feet rest

You should make your feet rest on the floor. As you are going to sit for longer durations in front of the computer, avoid crossing the legs. Crossing the legs can slow down the circulation of blood to the hips and legs; thus, leading to several health issues.

5. Keyboard and mouse

The keyboard and mouse should be placed in front of you so that you do not have to bend while using them. Ensure that your elbows are directly under your shoulders so that you continue sitting with the “L” shape.

6. Breaksbreak

You should always take regular breaks from your desk job. This will provide relief to your eyes as well as the entire body. A few stretching exercises will prove wonders in making your muscles and joints flexible. You can even take short walks in between as it helps in preventing stiffness of the body.

There is a direct correlation between bad posture and poor health. A good posture while sitting at the computer will improve your energy, productivity and decrease body pains and aches. So, use the aforesaid tips and have a comfortable workplace.


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