12 Things You Can Do Instead of Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and some of these harmful effects are immediate. There are several diseases that are caused due to smoking like lung cancer, damage to the airways and alveoli present in the lungs, respiratory infections, weakened blood vessels, and the list goes on!

If you are a current smoker, then irrespective of your age, quitting can be extremely beneficial to your body. One of every 5 deaths in US each year is because of smoking. Cigarettes will just ruin your body and is also described as a leading cause of preventable death. Deciding to quit is a wise decision that every smoker should take.

Even though quitting won’t be easy but if you are determined then you will surely be able to do it. In the entire process of quitting, you will crave for cigarettes. However, you need to kill those cravings by trying various other stuffs. Listed below are some steps that you could follow to deal with cravings:

1.Hold a pen

If you miss having a cigarette in your hand, then hold something else, like a pencil or a pen.

2. Chew something

Are you missing something in your mouth? You can try having lollipops, hard candies, carrots, etc. By just putting something in your mouth, your craving will reduce.

3. Visit non-smoking places

Go to all those places where smoking is not allowed. Visiting malls, theaters, libraries, departmental stores, etc. will even keep you busy.

4. Avoid alcoholno-alcohol

Beer and wine could trigger you to smoke. So, avoid having them completely. Instead drink lots of water and fresh juices.

5. Brush after meals

If you have the habit of smoking right after meals, then just change that habit to brushing. Immediately after meals, get up from the table and brush your teeth. The mint flavor of the toothpaste will help in keeping your cravings away.

6. Eat healthy

Keep a track on your diet and eating habits. Try to inculcate good habits that will keep your body healthy and energetic. Keep some finger foods close to you so that you can just pick them up and eat whenever you are tempted to smoke.

7. Practice yoga and meditationteacher

Breathing exercises will calm your body and keep you fit. Meditation will relieve you from the anxiety you might be facing in this situation.

8. Shower

If your cravings are very high, then simply go and take a shower. Ensure that you take a head bath to keep your mind cool.

9. Exercise
Exercising daily will help you in fighting addictions. It will release good endorphins and ease anxiety and stress. You can even listen to your favorite track while exercising as it will provide immense pleasure and keep you free of worries.

10. Distract yourself

Indulge in your favorite hobby, spend time with your loved ones, watch television, read a book, and do everything else to distract yourself. You can even snap your feet or your hands that will distract your mind and make you remember all those reasons why you decided to quit.

11. Walk

You can go for a walk, jog or just run. This will help you in getting distracted from your cravings.

12. Be determined

Most of the people do not smoke, so keep remembering that and stay determined on your decision to quit smoking.

Try anything else other than the aforesaid tips, but just don’t give up! You need to be brave enough to stand on your decision and quit smoking forever. It will surely be beneficial for you as well as your near and dear ones. All the best!

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